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The fee agreement includes rates for clients who are using insurance, as well as for clients who do not wish to use their insurance, but want access to a reasonable rate.  Insurance/Standard Rates are:

  • Intake Evaluation/Diagnostic Evaluation $250.00/hr
  • Individual or Family Therapy $150.00/hr
  • Psychological Testing $150.00/hr

For those choosing to pay without billing insurance, Dr. Mack will adjust rates according to treatment time and frequency of sessions:

  • Intake Evaluation/Diagnostic Evaluation $200.00/hr
  • Weekly Psychotherapy 45 minutes $100.00/hr
  • Weekly Psychotherapy 60 minutes $130.00/hr
  • Non-Routine Psychotherapy (60-90) $150.00/hr
​​Office Appointments: 262-391-2551 |
Location: Milwaukee and Waukesha residents, 20700 Watertown Road, Suite 240, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53186